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Thanks for the replies. I have a few lawns in this same town. I never really thought about it as 32 different lawns. I'm not saying I charge $15/hr that's just covers my equiptment cost for one mower. I charge an average of $48/hr. but I have a min. of $35. Most of my lawns are anywhere from 2-7 acre. By myself it would take me about 16hrs to mow then another 2 hr to trim the 32 ac. We only average about 28 mows a year in this area. I bid it as follows. If I'm wrong please tell me.

$35000/28= $1250 per service

$1250/32ac. = $39.10 per ac.

$39.10 * 2 ac./ hr = $78.13/hr

Most lco around my area are getting $45-60/hr in my area. Maybe I should change things up alittle to land more jobs? And still make a profit and be able to grow. Thanks again.
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