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Originally Posted by greenskeeper44 View Post
We offer 6 applications...I agree with the no fert in the summer however we do 2 in the summer and they are summer weed spraying for nutsedge, crab, and other summer weeds..we are one of the few in our area that include this in our programs and our customers love it...with 4 applications we would never be able to stay on top of the weeds may be different in Ohio. ...
I agree. We do 6 here...and I've considered going to 7 the last couple of years due to a couple of factors. Weed control being at the top of that list. 4 apps here on warm season turf would produce mediocre results at best. The bermuda needs more food than that and with the heat humidity and rainfall we get(except for the last 2 years), difficult weeds abound. Especially nutsedge and buttonweed. Others such as doveweed are now showing up. IMO complete control of these weeds is never achieved. In some cases, supression is the best that can be hoped for. Bumping the timing of each of my apps up a week or so and adding one for the year is definitely something I've considered. Besides the obvious financial advantages of doing something like this, there is the aspect of offering an even more superior service by being on each lawn a little more frequently, thereby identifying and solving problems(or potential problems) that may come up.

Like you said, conditions in Ohio and in your case, Kentucky are different than here.

Whatever the case may be, my program has never been "set in stone". It is flexible, and ever changing.
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