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You sound a lot like myself in some ways. lol

Unlike most reps of products, I'm the lawn care professional that invented this product. I'm not some lab coat guy that hasn't a clue or ever worked in the field outside of their little office. Or some rep pushing something they don't know nothing about.

With my many years of experience in this industry my claims are far from questionable. The practical value is clear, it's simple and makes perfect sense if one really thinks about it before judging it.

What it comes to is ones personal feelings of the look.
Ones pocket book will often determines ones feelings of the look.

Most professionals take great pride in their work as do I. I'm sure you do yourself, that's why I believe your so passionate in your opinion of my product. I feel the same as you, I'm just on the other side of the coin on this matter.
That's why I "Agree to Disagree" once again.
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