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Curb-side pick up is the only service I will quote over the phone. There are several key questions that have to be asked though. First is when the leaves were piled. if it was before the last rain, the cost has to be increased. If it is a "perpetual pile" that the homeowner started in the beginning of the season, and called you at the end, you can bet on scooping the leaves by hand and loading them manually, unless you have an enormous loader. Next is the surface under the pile. I lost bad on a pile in a rip-rap ditch. I quoted a client $75 for a pick up, and spent 5 hours with 2 men at $15 per hour and 5 gallons of fuel trying to peel the leaves out of the rocks. I spent $175.00 to make $75. I always add the disclaimer to the quote that brush is not included in leaf pick up. If there is a lot of brush in the leaves, the process slows way down, and it has to be loaded by hand if you are taking it as well. Looking at a job prior to quoting is always better, but I have managed to do well on pick ups asking these questions and saving a trip.
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