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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
I cant believe you think thats alright? Thats just about as low as you can get, and yet you brag/boast/advocate it? Reverse the roles. Your clients are your clients, no matter what paperwork you have your employees sign. As your agent, he is given information about your business in the process of performing his responsibilities. He then takes that information and reduces your business. You dont need a non compete to know that this is wrong.
I should've explained a bit more. I was the sales manager for a larger lawn care company. After he had "enough customers" to be comfortable he let me go before the season started because he didn't want to pay me 80k per year selling anymore. What would you have done? I knock on a few doors I serviced personally the fall before that we're going to cancel anyways to lack of results from that season. If it wasn't for the turn around in the lawns I did with the last 3 apps they were going by the wayside anyways. He ended up selling that portion of his company the next year anyways so overall it didn't hurt his company or revenue by any means. Trust me if I wanted to I'm sure I could get a lot more if I direct marketed these clients anyways. I do what's right always! I'm not the snake you guys may think I am. I'm an honest businessman with my clients best interest in mind. If treat people the way they should be treated you will be successful.
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