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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
I guess I was not trying to make a blanket statement on Lawnsite about the amount of apps.

The fella that stated this post is from IN though and I know the drought there was just as bad if not worse then here and there should not have been 6 apps applied this season.

Depending on the area, type of grass and length of the growing season of course there are many different programs.

To each his own...but the key is giving the customer what they need and not take advantage of them.

They are not here to pay your bills so if you are only applying 6 apps to "keep your guys busy" SUCK!

Greenskeepeer said it best "the more i can be on the property the better especially with the summer weeds you can be there one week then 2 weeks later all hell breaks loose!

Five and six apps are needed in Ohio and Indiana. I see night and day difference between our four app customers and six, weed control especially.
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