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the mini-ex wouldn't be a good motorized wheelbarrow, but would be handy otherwise.

I had a Mustang 2032 skid last year...was one of the handiest machines I've owned being that it was so small. My wife was using it quite a few times too. Had a yanmar engine in the mid thirties hp. 4400#'s. Fuel consumption was wonderful, lift capacity was good. Made work really enjoyable for some reason. Was hard to let it go.

Currently have a Nh Ls160 with counter weights and it's impressive. 44 hp. no turbo, so it gets does great on fuel consumption. 5500#'s. Picks up more than my Takeuchi TL120 and is much more stable too... it's an all around impressive little machine. I regularly pick up a 275 gallon tote full of water with it (holds 286 gallons full....about 2400 pounds gross weight) and move it around. That's a lot of weight out on the end of the forks.
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