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pay someone for the carb, maybe 2/300 bucks tops. brake lines and bleeding is easy, masters can be rebuilt but if pads or drums are gone thats big $$ if they can even be found. those tires are much better than the ones on my big skid steer now lol.

the problem is storage and use. for snow only I could build some lexan windows and doors and rock it but for dirt work I dont really move enough yardage for something this size. mostly skid steer work. maybe it would open a new marker for me rather inexpensively? or probably just get me in over my head. just seems like a really unique cool deal. most trades are crap(had a guy offer me a baby crib for a half pallet of pavers today, no thanks) but I have dreams of being like barter kings with a brand new mini ex with a couple more trades
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