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By looking at this picture how do you figure 85 percent of that is moveable, did you walk it with a wheel? I see a lot of road, sidewalk etc plus a huge patch of what is that sand?

The entire contract, if your measurements are right, would take my crew 62 man hours to complete a single mowing of all sites. I run crews that specialize in athletic field and facility maintenance lets assume you are going to charge 40 an hour ( I charge more) and you aren't as efficient as I am so say 70 man hours. That's 2800$ per cut, you said 20 cuts per season , that's a 56000$ contract. Since you are planning every other week cuts, split the properties so you are doing the high school on week 1 and the others on week 2 this will have you working around 55 hours one week and 25 hours the other week, leaving room for other things (not to mention maintenance on equipment)
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