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Ok so you're thinking 13 grand is the price point and your not responsible for that foot ball field so you are way over estimating the turf you need to cut, I'd say you're looking at 18 to 15 acres of moveable turf, then figure poor quality turf at that. So how did they do it for 13 k and how many years did they do it for that? I'm going to swag here and say you have 20 hrs of work per week, or 800 a week for this client I think you will have 20 weeks so 16k, your assuming trimming and mulching so unless they specifically make you sign a contract for doing them don't include it or offer it. But these are items you can up sell or offer as extras , if you can afford to run at 35/ hr you could do this for say 12800 give it your best shot, record all your times and travel time so you know what you are capable of for future bids and dig in buddy this us just the beginning! But definitely learn how to measure turf and don't assume what they want for services you'll end up promising stuff for free right now give them a price for just cuts, unless you are told different
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