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Just this once.

52" Turf Tiger
48" Tiger Cub (every day)
36" Scag WB (every day)
4 Echo WE (3 every day)
1 Echo Stick Edger (everyday)
1Echo extended hedge trimmer with swivel head
1 Echo 650 BP Blower (every day)
1 Echo Hand held blower
1 Robin Hedge trimmer
1 Power pruner with hedge trimmer attachment
1 Echo 12" Chainsaw
1 Echo 16" Chainsaw
1 Lesco Electric Mower spreader
1 Earthway shoulder spreader
1 Earthway push spreader
2 16 x 7 dual axle trailers with brakes (1 every day)
1 is set up for yard waste hauling
2 solo BP sprayers (1 every day)
1 Echo BP sprayer (every day)
1 Solo 2 gal. sprayer (every day)

Then my shop is well equiped. (welder, compressor, tons of tools and spare parts, etc.)

I tired now trying to remember everything so I think I will just quit.
The biggest oak is just a stubborn nut that held it's ground.
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