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Originally Posted by lildevil_66 View Post
Our local tire dealer has a chemical used in mostly commercial tires but will add it to any tires if wanted. When I purchased new tires for my Z-Turn, I had him add it for about $10 a tire. He said if I get a nail or something. just pull it out and I would see a little white "pimple" appear. That would indicate the compound has sealed the hole. Wouldn't you know within a week of putting on the new tires I found a roofing nail in one. I removed it and sure enough, a little white dot appeared. I never heard the first bit of air from the tire and it has not lost any pressure since they were installed. I took the mower back to the dealer and had him fill the front casters as well and hopefully the results will be the same if I pick up anything in them. You guys may want to check with your local dealers to see if they offer this service. Of course I don't think they will hold if you put a big hole in the tire or cut the side wall. Beats the hell out of Slime!!
I never looked into it so I don't know enough about it. However, in 2-3 minutes, I googled a few words and came up with all the info about foam filled tires that I'd need to know, that fast!
I can't for the life of me understand why others on here can't take the initiative to find the info they need without starting a thread about something that they could have easily looked up and found exactly what they needed to know in just minutes rather then waiting for a day or so for someone to respond. Shew, that was a long breath to say all that.

Obviously the insulation spray foam is not the right stuff to use as stated.
Just locate the correct chemical and use it the way it's suppose to be used and you won't have a pile of crumbled up dust in your tires.
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