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Well let me know how that dollarhost is, usually the cheaper they are the more experience you need, but worse is when they don't offer a full range of services or just as bad is when they offer a full range minus the one thing you really can't do without... Like your own domain email?
And there's no arguing with a cheap host, not really.

It amazes me thou, I thought we had it cheap...
But I'm paying three times that.
Which is still only $35 a year.

So switching would be an option that, if it takes more than an hour or two, won't pay for itself for years lol

Still I'd consider it, my experience with hosts has been so mixed that I always consider cheap.
On a good note cheap hosts sometimes are cheap because they need customers, and if that is the case some of them are willing to spend their idle time in the support department, not all of them but some are definitely good in that regard thou most will eventually tire of it, further they usually all eventually go up in price, some reasonably, some not so...
Then you have to switch again...

Needless to say, we get to a point, find a host you like, stick with it.

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