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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
FWIW, I have my own VPS and 5 IP's because of the very concern Tony mention.
I probably should clarify my own comments a bit. As Duekster and I allude to, you can become a victim of who you're sharing your proverbial house with. The vast majority of the time, and with legitimate shared hosts, there are usually no problems due to sites sharing your IP address. For this reason, it's in the shared hosts' best interests to keep the adult and scam sites off of their servers. The search engines know this happens and I can't recall ever seeing an attributable rank penalty, but where you can see it come in to play, is via email spam filters. The email you send to your clients are just fine, but a spam filter can flag it due to other offending sites sharing your common ip address and lumping you on to a black list.
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