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Wife working side by side earns new respect?

A friend of mine said she gained a whole new perspective on where the household spending money comes from after working the lawn service with her husband all season long.
Any of you hard-working ladies or gentlemen wish your spouse would stick with you for a month or two & gain a whole new level of respect instead of how things are going now?
Another friend has to nearly beg his stay at home wife/mom to get the billing started each month(much less completed). She acts so put out if he ask for any assistance.
So while he's hammering away at 40+ hours a week managing his 150+ accounts she's having a PLAY-DAY nearly every day.
Whenever I ask her: "So what'd you do today"? she replies, "Just sat around bored all day".
Having seperate accounts my wife recently whined about only having $7 in hers. I suggested she reconsider her PLAY-DAYS with our friend when it comes to lunchtime. Instead of The Cheesecake Factory maybe they should think of Wendy's or something less extravagent.
I'm not downplaying the level of attention & work required for watching & raising our child at all.
Part of the reason my friend tells his wife they are broke all the time is 'cause he knows she'll go buy $250 dolls & plastic junk for their 2 year-old girl otherwise.
Starting next week I'm delegating part of the pine-straw delivery service to my wife so then maybe she'll understand that I buy trucks & equipment as tools & not as toys.
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