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Originally Posted by Tri-City Outdoors View Post
Basically your employee's are actually the leasing company employees. You hire & train and treat them just like they are your own. It more a technicality. For a fee the leasing company handles the back office stuff for you.
What we are looking into. The the cost of the wages,taxes, workman's comp, unemployment and the "fee" is payed to the leasing company each pay period. They handle the back office stuff and provide me with pay checks.
There is a distinction to leasing versus HR Management and you can get all the Benefits you mentioned from someone like Paychex or ADP HR services.
I know ADP leases and provides HR services. I still am not clear on the the distinction with the exception of whose employee it is or how that matters to me.

Clearly, you get big company benefits and professional HR services in both cases. There could even be some cost savings if you are trying to offer those benefits but find it hard.

I found that I simply could not afford a "group health care plan" because group plans are expensive compared to what I could have gotten for just me. Group plans have to cover everyone so the rates are high but big companies like ADP and Paychex have thousands of people on the plan thus bringing down the rates. Perhaps even with their profits attached.

The other benefit is you do not have to spend time doing those things and can focus on growing.

Again, not being hard to get along with but I am not sure the benifit of leasing through one of these type of companies vs just using their HR services.

I will keep this as an option as we have to deal with Obama Care. I would be exempt for not but that does not mean my employees would not expect it and it will make it harder to hire top employees.

Lots to think about over the next 12 months.
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