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I guess I should add some more info.
The reason I am looking into it is because of workman's comp. I insist on having a pay as you go coverage. I currently use a hr service that uses ADP. I have been denied under the landscaping and maintenance codes on any ADP worker's comp partners because the employees will occasionally leave the ground to trim a hedge or small accent tree.

The leasing company I am looking into can just simply add new employees to the policy the already have.
I can always do the guess payroll for the year then get audited B.S. It is the pay as you go I am having the issues finding.

In Florida the workman's comp. Insurance company's are very regulated. You will find little difference in prices. So the insurance company do not want any "risk" if you have a payroll under $50k.

Also I am also considering leasing is for the easy access to health,dental life insurance.

My other option is to include myself in the workman's comp figures. But that is just a waste of money since I have other policy to cover myself. or I can pay more in codes for something that includes ladders. Most likely a tree work code.
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