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Originally Posted by Tri-City Outdoors View Post
I guess I should add some more info.
The reason I am looking into it is because of workman's comp. I insist on having a pay as you go coverage. I currently use a hr service that uses ADP. I have been denied under the landscaping and maintenance codes on any ADP worker's comp partners because the employees will occasionally leave the ground to trim a hedge or small accent tree.

The leasing company I am looking into can just simply add new employees to the policy the already have. I can always do the guess payroll for the year then get audited B.S. It is the pay as you go I am having the issues finding.

In Florida the workman's comp. Insurance company's are very regulated. You will find little difference in prices. So the insurance company do not want any "risk" if you have a payroll under $50k.

My other option is to include myself in the workman's comp figures. But that is just a waste of money since I have other policy to cover myself. or I can pay more in codes for something that includes ladders. Most likely a tree work code.
I often get the question about tree work. I tell them that we only trim trees standing on the ground with a poll or with a ladder and in no event trim limbs over 14 feet high.

I charge more for such work accordingly too. If your comp jumps up by X % then you jump up by X+ % for doing such work. I specifically exclude such work in my contracts or say it is extra work by bid. Taking off a low limb is SOP provided it is less than 14 feet and it is relatively small. If big limb I tell them to call an Arborist as it might kill the tree or I quote with the use of an arborist. I have no problem telling people this is higher rate WC and I charge accordingly

The audits are pretty simple in most cases. I often fill out there form and send them a copy of my report from Quickbooks pay roll. You just have to have a code for that type of work and charge the client accordingly. Sometimes I forget to actually push the right button in quickbooks to track the higher cost. I do however try to track my income and expenses correctly.

Another question I often get is how much landscape ( construction) versus mowing. If you properly estimate your payroll then you should have no problems. When I hire someone I just up my wages.

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