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Originally Posted by Tri-City Outdoors View Post
You nailed estimating payroll is the key but it is very hard to estimate right and grow. This year I made some equipment changes, replaced some workers and stream lined the routes. Then I added a new guy. bottom line almost doubled for the year & payroll increased a little.
I'd like to keep overhead down and give some raises. But that is another estimating variable. Also I plan on adding a new guy next season.

The construction codes are $3.50-$4 ish per $100 more than mowing. Almost double. Most of the labor is maintenance (38 weeks). 6 months of the year we basically do not landscape. Jan/Feb are slow. July-sept. production sucks because of the heat.

I love the fact 6 months of landscaping brings in the same income as year long maintenance!
I think in Texas GL is around 4.5 and WC is 5.5 or close to 10% of payroll total for mowing so those increases would be not be double but close enough. If you use QuckBooks you should be able to estimate pretty well and besides you can always set up a slush fund too. Figure and estimate to the insurance company 50/50 labor but bank as if it were 75 landscape / 25 maintenance. I think if you do quarterly reports, you should be able to have the agent tweak the policy for you too.

You can make much more on landscape than mowing maintenance but mowing is good cash flow.

Back the the thread I started abount using classes for reports, this is a good reason too. Thanks guys
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