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Originally Posted by cjohn2000 View Post
Well I guess the mower would trim this to height. So the scraps of green plastic are they biodegradable or have organic fertilizer to help the lawn when they get chewed up?
Sprinkler Buddy is designed to be mowed over or should I say straddled with the mower tires when mowed over, now that you can see them to avoid damaging them. Sprinkler Buddy remains 1" to 1 1/2" above grade, depending on the size of sprinkler head it's being used on. Anyone that cuts above 2 1/2" isn't going to be cutting up the Sprinkler Buddy if they have installed it and the sprinkler head correctly to begin with.

You do have a good idea though. "biodegradable or have organic fertilizer" lol

Think most that use my product are more interested in reducing sprinkler head repair cost.
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