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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
It isn't the cut height. It's the deck of a mower that hits the heads.
I just realized, Wet Boots makes a very valid point about our mower decks. Here in FL, sprinkler donuts or concrete donuts are very common. Many of our customers demand that we use and maintain them in their lawns.

This has happened to me in the past and I'm sure to many other lawn care guys. The mower deck catches the sprinkler donut just right and pushes it into the sprinkler head, causing the damage. Or worse, damage to our mower blades if it gets pushed up when contact is made with the sprinkler head.

Sprinkler Buddy puts no additional stress on a sprinkler head. If one were to hit it with the mower deck, being made of a flexible material it would simply flex and instantly rebound back once the deck has moved on.

Good point Wet Boots, our mower decks are much lower than our cutting height. To be effective, the sprinkler donuts or concrete donuts have to remain above the height of the sprinkler heads themselves or they serve no purpose. Thus putting them at greater risk of being caught by the mower deck.
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