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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
I go until it's misting. I typically wait when it's still spuddering water every 2 seconds until maybe every 4-5 second spudder. Water could easily collect at a low spot and break things.. Particularly on sams, it's a shame to replace a 12" sam from freeze damage after it was winterized.

The biggest thing is.. It's not worth the argument or the huge verbal description to the customer when they are outside with me when I can just wait an extra 30 seconds. The customer doesn't know but if they see the water and I say it's done when it is they may or may not believe me. Then I have to explain my self which can be annoying
I always find it annoying when the owner is following and watching me. "ooh what does that do, why do you do that?" Most of the time I think that they just want to know how to do it themselves.
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