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Well my wife is a victim of a layoff and tough job market. She has brought much money into our household and pulled her share.

I have worked toward getting her more involved but she resist. One is as my old joke goes- If you work for yourself, then you work for the biggest a-hole in the world. That goes double if your married to the A-hole. Many of us are so anal about how we do things our spouses do not want that to be a point of contention in the marriage.

Lord knows there are plenty of them without mixing in business. I need to relax some and know there is no way she is going to learn the whole thing over night.

I suspect when when yours says she was bored all day she is yanking your chain. She might have dusted, mopped, cleaned your crappy toilet and is going to fix your dinner as well as wash the dishes.

I still want her help cause she is a good business person. She loves me and that is hard to do.

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