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bristeroni, you probably have some good statistics about how well prepared people are for retirement. I've heard/read information from time to time, but cannot quote any of it here for sure. What I do recall, the preparedness is very poor. People are reaching 50, and have not yet begun to prepare. People are reach 60, 65, and have little retirement savings.

Investing in one's self is great, if your personal wealth generator is the best thing going. When talking about "putting the money into my business," remember all the thread on LS that speak to "how much to buy out another LCO." In general, buyers aren't willing to pay much for either accounts, or hard assets. I'm doubting this business is very high on the scale of "cashing out."

I understand that many don't take the matter seriously, thinking they "have a long time." The "long time" is in your favor if one takes advantage, and gets the investments placed rightly.

As somebody who resides in the upper age brackets on LS, let me warn you that financial matters at retirement get very complicated. There are many outstretched hands, ready to get their piece of the action. You really don't have what you think you have. Thinking you can take your nest egg, and go fishing every day is a scene only in the movies. And, you need to be prepared to have Medicaid take it all away if you require long-term health care.
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