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Mine got laid off 6 months ago. Since then she has gotten together with my accountant and finally gotten my quickbooks situation lined out, as well as putting together a solid billing system (which is better than my method of just dropping them all off - with a form that I plug the numbers in by hand) , and she answers the phone.

This is great because it finally allows me to do the things I do best. Which is not paper work. I'm good at managing, estimating, and doing irrigation work. None of those thing can be done by anyone else in the company at this point, so I'm glad I have her so that I don't have to take on more responsibilities than I need to.

Now I'm not gonna do like some on here and act like life is all peaches and cream. It does put (alot) more stress on the relationship, but in the end it can be worth it. Because you don't just have a bookeeper or secretary: you have an ally. She helped with leaf cleanups last year, and she's helping put up christmas lights this year. Luckily her dad was a painter so she's not scared to get on a ladder.
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