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We used to think Libs were just dumb and incapable of seeing the consequences of their actions. But the ones that write laws like this aren't dumb they are just plain evil. This law is designed to fail they want it to and with it the health care industry.

The 600 dollar transaction F U for every time you spent that was too much and they back peddled on that and pretended they have no idea who even put it in the bill. But the mandate is the bills undoing. And this is what the penalties really look like.

"For firms which do not offer insurance any insurance, have more than 50 employees, and have at least one employee receiving insurance subsidies, they must pay a tax of $2000 per subsidized employee. The tax is applied to all of a firmís employees (after excluding the first 30), not just those that are subsidized. For example a firm with 51 employees would pay $42,000 in new annual taxes, and an additional $2,000 tax for every new hire.

For firms that do offer insurance, the penalty is the lesser of $2,000 for every employee (after exempting the first 30) or $3,000) for every employee receiving a subsidy."

Why would any one want to add that 51st employee or for that matter lets say you had 60 would you not cut 10 of them and save yourself 60k a year in fines. Then there's the mini screw job where even if you did offer your employees health care if their end of it was 9.5% or greater they could jump off your plan to an exchange and you get fined anyways.

As for the communication issue there is no issue at all with that the bill was passed 2 years ago and now that Obama has been reelected they are only now going to write it. And they are putting out hundreds of regulations a week now that he has won. That was the plan all along.

So big low profit companies will go to 29 hours a week and not pay the fines but the employees who were promised affordable healthcare will have to buy it or pay the 750 dollar a year fine for not having it. And of course that comes out of their IRS refund so they have no say or way to avoid it. So their reward for electing this clown is 25% pay cuts and a 750 dollar a year find and I'm sure they will all be happy with that.

Will I provide insurance hell NO there is very little money in this trade and that would put us out as it would all of you too. So I get to pay my personal 750 dollar fine but I will stay under 50 employees and I will avoid the real nasty one. Of course that fine will likely go to 5000 before you know it when they realize 750 isn't enough to force one to buy something they do not want.

The only real upside to this disaster is the real big boys in our trade the brickman's and tru greens and the likes of them now get killed with this insurance and they do not have a way to dodge it like the smaller companies. So the h2b workers and all their low wage guys that allow them to out bid small companies just went out the window as they will have to raise their prices to comply.
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