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Losing Money?

I have been in the business on and off for 5 years since high school. This year I decided to hit it big and hard work has paid off..except for today...

It was my first big leaf and brush clearing job on about a 1 1/2 acre lot but most of it was house and bushes and landscaping, pool, dog run..etc.....end of story I WAY under bid...$980...I went to see the property after a days work so it was about twilight hours me and the owner walked the property and talked about the work he would like done... I liked what I saw from that perspective and quoted the price instantly he has accepted and we set up a date...right then it kind of made me think twice. I got a crew together (my college rugby buddies) rented a chipper and we show up at the chipper goes down in the first 15 minutes and the rental place is over a 2 hour round trip away from the property well I decide to plan b..mulch the leafs with the push mower...however there is MUCH more leaves and brush then I make it short we clear off all the working space and push the leaves that we didnt mulch and haul off into the wooded area...the homeowner came out at the end of the day with an operating cost including the chipper at $800....I'm only making $180........not much for hard work and an all day job but I need the money to get my business up. Well the homeowner comes out there freaking out..this that and the other but in our agreement he made it didnt state what he told me in person to do today...he wanted all brush 4" or less gone...he came out and started telling us to take some stuff that was up to 12" away as well...The homeowner said the job wasn't done and refused to pay the price. The job was done..all working area besides straight forest he had back...his pool was no longer covered in leaves(I am not a pool man) and all the brush that was in the working space hauled off..two dump trailers full..after alot of back and forth I didnt wanna be pushy he wrote a check for $500....luckily I took the chipper back and they refunded full price. I broke dead even....I just don't even know I am at a loss for words...

Someone please make me feel better and tell me stuff like this happens sorta often and I just need to bid higher next time
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