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i checked the other week after posting here. i looked in to buying a domain, seemed cheap enough. then i realized i had to pay to use a site to build my site & pay to have it hosted. woulda been way more than 150 a year. I forget the actual numbers, but for my small operation it wasn't going to be worth while.

as far as buying a domain name, who am I buying this from exactly? i can buy a domain name for like 10 bucks a year or something, but wtf? who's selling it? i think for now, i'll just stick to my freebie site and link it everywhere I can. I googled it a few times and it's not the first thing that pops up, but it's not at the bottom either.

Servicevines: I'm already listed on your site and have had ZERO leads from it. I think it's a great idea, but the only people that seem to know about it are the contractors that list their services. You're in the same boat as me sorta. Seems like you need to reach the customers better with your site.
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