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Originally Posted by burnsyscapes View Post
i have a 07 chevy 6.0l. new body. in 6 months it has had 2 transmissons in it with it being in the shop for 4 other different powertrain issues. it gets horrible gas milage. off a 26 gallon tank i get about 180 miles to a tank when only towing a 6x10 trailer with a 60 in turf tracer on it dailey. its horrible on gas

i probably will not get one ever again. 8k on gas for an average of 15k miles a year? no thank you.
Hey you feel the same way about your chev as i do the junk ass ford i bought...... good ones and bad ones out there....... i bought a 97 psd 7.3........ supposedly the most bulletproof truck ford ever made per the mechanics at ford i talked to......... if they based that off my truck alone id say ford would be out of business long ago because if its not one thing its another with that darn truck...... my 6.0 chevys while terrible on gas have been scary reliable....... as for the ford, well it lives at the repair shop and this truck came from a one owner older fella with receipts since new..... ican tell ya that since i bought that joke of a truck ive got another 7k more in receipts to tack onto all his....... my chevrolets have oil change receipts, tire receipts and brakes........ thats it. Like i said good ones and bad ones......
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