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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
I have had the guys bring in bad controllers 10-11 times this year. Since all we do is install, they were straight from the box and not working.

From what I heard Pro-c had a bad run on some parts. Most, if not all of our problems were solved by swapping out the face. Hunter took it back and gave us credit.

What I have learned is that every now and then a product has a bad run. That is not enough reason to call it junk and move on.

We had a bad run of rainbird valves a few months ago. About 2 of 10 had molding problems which were causing the valves to leak. We returned all the valves we had in stock, waited a few months, and the problem was solved. The install crews were pissed, because they were having to dig up new valves and replace them once or twice per install.
When the 1" and 2" PGA issue occurred due to molding problems, RB allowed us to purchase PEB's for the PGA price. Needless to say, we have a few hundred 2" and even more 1" PEB's stocked now
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