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most important before you bait for ants is to find out what kind of ants you have.
Fipronil will kill them all but.... not on the label. Fipronil is not being found in streams it has been found in all the wrong places by inspectors that were sprayed by licensed pest control companies. One was in Georgia and was doing pest control work in nursing homes in florida. They had on the service sheet of using termidor in the kitchen and patients rooms as a crack and crevice spray and signed by the technician. Big problem... Company in GA cant spray in florida and termidor is not a crack and crevice chemical. They find it all the time. Inspectors take a Q-Tip dipped in water and swap where the pest control company sprayed at and the test will show what was sprayed.... They got ya and the fine is huge. As the inspector told me. more reports come in that it is being used against label is one more nail in the coffin for a good chemical
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