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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
If it doesn't rain for 2-3 months do u really think your going to get good weed control.

Sorry but my 4 app lawns look just as good as any 6 app lawns.

Infact we get most 6 app lawns from TG and have to clean them up.

We blanket spray n spring and fall and get very good results.

Educate the customer that when the turf is thin weeds are more prone to coming n due to lack of competition from thin turf.

There was no reason to be spaying turf that's been dormant for 2-3 months for weed

You can't convince me otherwise!!

It's working awesome for us
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Iíve met some great professors from Ohio State University and they would disagree with you. They kind of wrote the bible for turf care in your state. I would go to some of their training courses. Best of luck
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