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Nah, you don't need OEM. Just don't use any old junk (especially worm gear clamps).
EFI requires a pretty high pressure on the fuel line. Go to the auto parts store, and look at "fuel injection hose" and clamps. The hose looks a lot like "fuel hose", but "fuel injection hose" is about 10x the price, and is actually quite different. The hose runs several dollars A FOOT.
The reusable clamps are a band with a screw and a nut. It gives even pressure around 360 degrees (unlike the worm clamps), and lets you get much more compression.

Oh, and back to the hose. You know how the cheap rubber fuel hoses start to crack and fall apart from ethanol in the gas. Fuel injection hose won't. That's all I use now, even on carburated machines that don't really need it.
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