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The Holiday lighting section is pretty good at protecting our sources. Those of us who participate in this forum are dedicated companies who have worked hard to build this niche of the business. If you read through a lot of the threads then I am sure you also noticed that the posters seam to be from larger more successful proven companies for the most part. Unlike the other sections of lawnsite that has more fly by night companies than anything else. One of the big reasons I can compete in my market is because I am offering higher quality products that I purchase at wholesale pricing. Ninety percent of my competitors are purchasing their products of the shelf at homedepot or walmart.

We try our best not to give away to much info here, that is why you will very rearly see anyone post prices they pay. We don't need our competitors or customers googling us and finding threads here were we sy we pay XX for this, and the customer sees we charged them xxx for it.

As far as tthe way wholesallers are, there are a number of different formats they fallow. Some such as HD/HBL charge you a one time fee to join their company. CD is a franchise company and you must purchase a franchise from them. The good thing with both of these companies is that they also have marketting on their own sites that will direct potential customers to you for proposals. Then there are a number of companies that sell online with out you paying for access. Some of these companies sell only in bulk, others with sell any quantity. I would recomend not putting all your eggs in one basket and to purchase from multiple sources. We have a prefered vendor for c9&c7's, a different vendor for wreaths and garland, etc. We also have a completely different vender for extension cords, timers, and other electrical suplies, those we purchase from an electrical wholesaler.

If you keep reading the threads in this section you will find the names of the different vendors have been used quite alot.
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