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Well....first off let me say....this site is worthless if you arent willing to share ideas. I too am a very successful business owner and am considering branching out into something that is currently not offered here. I didnt nor would i ask for your pricing....i simply ask for some vendors you have had success with...kind of like to you prefer john deere over exmark???? A vendor name doesnt give away any trade secret... you are right i can google and search the hundreds of threads here....but again...without reinventing the wheel....i ask who you had good luck with. We could all provide good quality service at better prices and make more if we shared tips..techniques...and yes...even vendors. Professionals are gonna bid what the job is worth....not what the wholesale price was. So when people throw this line of bs at me....i just question how successful they really are....or are they just another low baller?
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