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Led Questions

I continue to try and use LED's here and there, But I have to ask if anyone is experiencing what I saw today.

to review: this particular commercial building LED job was done back in 2007, with about 450 3 diode LED opaque white LED's. They were bright the first year, had to replace 15-20% of the bulbs That went out or dim in year 2, 50% in year 3. replaced all with the newer faceted 5 LED diode in 2010, replaced maybe 10 in 2011, and this is 2012. looks like I have replaced 25-35, and there are probably another 25 that appear to have 1 or 2, maybe 3 diodes out. so still decently bright, but dimmer than the rest. so I moved all the dim ones to the cut backs, put in new 5 diode that matches the others pretty close. I am hoping I am not looking at another full replacement next year.

I have a few other jobs with LED's that are smaller, so I guess I have not noticed a few bulbs here and there. but the dimming on the 5 diodes is new to me. anybody else seeing this?

Also, nearly every strand of LED Minis I have tried in the past has either had an ugly color, weird vibration, or did not last. I am trying the Leco sets this year and have been pleased with the 6 inch space 50 light sets. Like most rectified warm whites they are not cheap, but look good. Anybody have long term experience with Leco?
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