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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
Every person should remember this! So true! The clients I mow I can't be lien-ant when it comes to plowing. I have that rich whiney guy that you guys told me to dropped well HE PUTS THE STAKES DOWN AND PUT THE LAST TWO 2 FEET ONTO THE GRASS. He has a $2M house but his driveway is the same size as my plow. He calls me telling me to fix the grass. I did fix it when the snow melted. I was trained that you always shovel out from the garage doors and that's what has been killing me with time and there is one mowing customer (good old people) that have a ripped up driveway so I have to shovel out the first 10ft or I would damage my plow and my ball joints.

DON'T RELY ON PLOWING AS AN INCOME BECAUSE HALF THE TIME YOUR NOT GOING TO GET THE SNOW AND THE OTHER HALF IS THE OVERHEAD. Unless you got new Ford F350's and have money in the bank plowing is to keep your workers busy and your full service customers happy. Commercial plowing which I do two small apartments that's where the money is!
I don't rely on plowing for income in the winter, but i see it as a bonus, and it does snow where i live in the winter, and I charge enough money where I make about 5-8 dollars a minute while i'm actually in the driveway plowing or shoveling a sidewalk or steps. none of my customers live in million dollar houses, none live in 800,000 dollar houses. most are probably 3-700,000 average sized for the area. And none of them complain. my 16 year old ford f350 with 271,000 miles doesn't require much maintenance. There actually is a pretty good amount of profit in snow plowing if you price it like I do, so you make at least 130-140 hour, which is having a bad route that is 14 hours long and driveways spaced apart so you can only do 3 per hour.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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