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Green explained it very well.

To the OP, this site is far from useless....unless you are looking for a handout.

You can find vendor information on here, much to my dismay mind you. I spent the better part of 6 years playing around with different vendors, searching, calling etc. and I still am today. Why would I take all that time I spent and just post it on here for all to see?

To explain a little more, I already have more competetion than I care for. This business is a far cry from cutting grass...

A) does the customer care if you use a john deere or exmark? no, that is your preference....does the mower you use change the look of the cut? nope....

Does the material you use in Christmas decorating change the look of the job, of course. Does the customer care if you use 10" garland? 14" garland? with pine cones? without? do you c-9's have a blue tint or are they true warm white? sure they you see where the material will seperate you out from the competition?

B) does everyone need their lawn cut...of course...does everyone want Christmas Lights? give you an idea, my area is 30% Jewish, so that means out of the gate I have 1/3 less potential customers than you do for cutting the grass....

C) There is one of the posters on here that just got a taste of what I had been preaching... be careful with the information that is shared on here, someone may be on the other side of the country from you, but that person may be in someone elses backyard....he just had someone start doing lights because of the information found on here....1 mile away from him.

It is hard enough to get new customers and retain old ones, my competetion has at least tripled since I started, and as I said the potential customer base is infinitley smaller than the grass cutting customer base, so forgive us if we hold our cards a little closer to our chest...

All that being said, you should already know about the primary suppliers just from a 2 minute search on here and about 10 minutes of reading.
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