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I actually was in the homedepot the other day and they had a factory serviced srm230 with the full warranty for 199. I jumped on it..After using redmax my whole life i HATED this trimmer at first..the head sucks and the guard dosnt let out enough string..normally i just loosed up the guard and slide it up an inch so i can squeese out another inch or two but the guard is bolted to the neck..

Anyhoo after switching to a redmax head and taking off the echo guard and grinding a little plastic off an old redmax one to get it to fit i love the thing..great build quality, not to heavy, comefortable, ive never had an issue with a trimmer but the 5 year war is nice..

Another note i opened up the muffler and took the cat out it opened her up a little bit and it is running cooler but is alot louder..If you dont feel comefortable doing that i would deffintally recomend removing the tailpipe. blocking plate and spark arrestor there is so much restriction in that exhaust it is em incase you ever need to use that warranty.. I took a bunch of pic. I was actually gonna make a video post in a few days about the trimmer
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