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I'm going off memory from last tax season here, but I believe my domain registration was around $10/yr, my hosting was $60-75/yr, and that's about it. I have a Linux hosting account w/ GoDaddy with Wordpress installed and I purchased a WordPress theme for $60. After that, modifying the theme was like using MS Word and I had a site. There are also a bunch of freely available Wordpress themes you can use as well.

Bottom line, it wasn't expensive and it was worth doing. Every day your site (with your actual, proper domain) is up you're gaining credibility with the search engines. Doing it sooner than later is better.

Obviously the site I have now was professionally done, but for the couple of years before I spent the money what I had worked.

As for content of your site, a couple things jumped out at me:
- it says Bernville on the homepage and Berville (no "n") in the title part of the browser. Which is it?

- Where the heck os Bernville? Put a state on there. I hate not knowing what area a website services. Yes, you have a little map widget. If I'm looking for a service provider I'm probably not using it.

- I think a great tool as a small business is a personalized about page. I also wonder what someone's hiding if no one's name is on it. You're a family business? What family? Who founded it? Do multiple family members work in it? There's a story you can tell that will make a homeowner feel like they already know a bit about you before you show up. It sounds stupid but it actually works. If you don't feel confident writing that, find a friend or family member who is, or list a writing gig on Craigslist.

Bottom line is, I was in the market for lawn care services this summer when I was sick from Lyme disease for two months. Had I run across your site, I would've filed you under "should be a decent low-end provider I can work a good price out of." If that's the niche you want, you'll get calls, but I doubt that's what you're after.
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