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Originally Posted by lawnsaspire View Post
I know Home Depot doesn't service anything and a lot of their machines are crap, but I looked at an Echo Pro trimmer there for $279. I really liked the feel and design of it. Very well put together or it seemed to be. Should I avoid buying it since it's from Home Depot? It's the only place in town I can find that trimmer.
Make your own decision but I try to buy everything I can from one or another of my locally-owned "pro shops", usually one in particular. They've got me going again in 30 minutes, usually less, more times than I can count. I'm helping them to succeed in business just as they're helping me, and also my money is staying in my community.

OTOH if that's the machine you want and HD is the only place you can find it what's the big deal? You might ask your dealer about it first but that's up to you.
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