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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
I use QuickBooks also, makes it so easy to download bank statements and credit card charges...I try and reconcile the books each month but get behind in October . I like to match statements with what is in QuickBooks...I really need a bookkeeper so I can be out selling or working... like you, I've gotten really efficient at it and pains me to see anyone else monkeying around with it taking twice the time I do...
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Not to hi-jack the thread but I can reconcile two CC statements, one bank statement and savings account in less than an hour. Trick is down loading and matching almost daily. Many times I can go to the account, hide anything not in the statement period and hit check all and I am done.

I have many of the items mapped to Turbo Tax too. I need to do a little research about mapping vehicle expenses separately so I do not have to manually adjust as much.

Now moving back to this topic, I am thinking that if I took mileage ( which you can not do if you depreciate) that I would be much better off in the long run. So I am thinking 179 and deprecation is bad if you are going to keep a truck longer than 5 years.

Yellow Dog is talking skid steers or something so I am sure he has to depreciate those.
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