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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
I completely understand how difficult it can be to want to do something right- but to lack the resources. So, here is my question:

If you really can't afford to do a website right, is it batter to focus on a Facebook and Places/+ page, and wait until you have the ability to do the site right?
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Google+ page, hands down. Obviously, because they're free, both should be done. I would still do a site as well as you can and make sure everything is linked and listed, especially as it pertains to your NAP (name/address/phone).

I say "hands down" because the dirty secret is that Facebook page status updates reach such a small percentage of what you assume is really happening, whereas Google+ hits everyone who follows it and the Google search strength of g+ is growing every day. Obviously, you probably have more Facebook followers than g+, but the search engine indexing benefit and strength is a very nice equalizer.

edit: did a bit of an edit as I read your question incorrectly.
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