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Originally Posted by PlantscapeSolutions View Post
If you do low end mowing (under 250K homes) you going to run into more people too tight to pay for scooping and too lazy to do it themselves. Rich people are not often going to scoop their yards either but it's easier to charge extra for the service and just deal with it. But pay nothing and expect my crew to just mow and weedeat a mine field is not a service I offer.

The more upscale you guys are able to go the less of a problem lazy people unwilling to scoop or pay for it becomes. I only have one rental customer who is leasing my clients home who kept giving me the "my kids will scoop it" speech but they never did. The guys works for the UT football team and makes $320k but between he and his wife they have taken turns giving me the run around. I finally started billing him for it and it took four months to get paid.

I can't wait for their lease to expire. The water bill to keep the yard looking nice runs about $1500 a month and they have been torturing the lawn to death trying to keep the water bill as low as possible. I highly suspect they are living higher on the hog then they ever have before and are out of their element. I am looking forward to seeing a moving van in front of the house in a few months.
not ALWAYS true.

in fact of all the clients I have who own dogs the only ones who don't scoop and won't pay for it are the doctors and lawyers I cut grass for.

if I start looking at my clients who are on the lower end of the income they are the nicest most understanding clients who clean up after there pets because they wouldn't personally want to deal with piles while doing yard work.

the rich people have the attitude that we are just the yard people and they aren't gonna spend money on something as stupid as picking up dog crap.

and in this economy with they way competition is. I don't let it bother me. because I know if I won't cut there grass because of dog crap, someone else will.
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