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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
This is the only way to do things with maintenance. I was only able to get a few clients to go with this program this year but next year I will be pressing extremely hard to sell existing clients & prospects to sign on full service.
This way, my company has control over everything and there isn't even the slightest chance that they would consider another company. It is very nice to have the steady income month to month (in mn its march-nov, I don't have anyone for full service on a snow contract yet). It makes clean ups easier in the fall, the shrubs stay looking good as we usually trim 2-3 times per yr depending on what a client has and how much they'd like to pay.
I like bunton's idea on telling them that you expect them to water enough. Ill do that as well. Including the spring irrigation start up is another thing, you can set up the system to run how you want so the grass will get enough water and it makes it easier to plan fert/weed control.
My goal by the end of May next year is to have a minimum of 20 full service properties, that would be a solid 2-3 days of maintenance work that covers all my overhead, personal bills, fuel, labor, each week/month. Leaving the remaining days of each week for installs which besides material, equip rental (if needed), addn'l labor, will be all profit which is fun money (ie. motocross racing and savings for new equipment and a house down payment as I'm still living with my parents, I'm 21)
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Just curious, I know about the varibles and all but how much would you say your avg customer pays for your full service? I really want to drop all our mow and go folks! To be able to survive off of 20 customers would be virtually impossible for me. Unless they were paying like 5-6 hundred a month which is an extremely hard sell.

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