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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post

I think I read seasonal workers do not count but that meant retail holiday hires, I suspect your right however even excluding H2B workers the big boys will now have to do something.
The seasonal workers get hit worse. If you employ someone year round paying their insurance may even make sense too you. But when they have a month or more off now your paying insurance on someone that isn't making you money year round and that's a much harder position to accept.

Now personally Id like to see the entire insurance model fail and I probably have a very short wait on that. Then the doctors can fire all their office staff to process the insurance, iv been in places where one doctor has 8 or 10 support staff. The prices can then drop since you pay cash and the extra tests get scrutinized since it came out of your pocket. And people can pretend they are adults and own their own choices and decisions.

It's hilarious to see businesses now talking about ways to get around paying insurance. Since the reason businesses offer insurance in the first place was to get around a government / Dem pay freeze thought up to keep down inflation in ww2. Companies couldn't offer higher wages legally then so they offered benefits to entice new workers. So here we are 70 plus years later still manipulating a system that worked fine until they tried to fix it.

The government could of allowed individuals to write off health insurance on their taxes for the last 70 years but never did. That is why we have the employer paid insurance system we have now only now the rates jump double digits every year and that will not continue for much longer before collapse. We do the same thing with student loans by allowing students to borrow money the collages were able raise their prices at 3-5 times inflation or more and now the only thing they can think of to help is government subsidized loan rates. A better solution is end all government backed loans immediately and watch how fast tuition drops in price.

As for guys quote expecting insurance I do not believe they will. This trade isn't going to offer it so if they wish to be employed as landscapers they will do so knowing their is no employer health insurance. And considering the u3 unemployment number which is as rosy as it gets is 7.9 the real number the u6 is more than double that and about to go up significantly higher I think they will choose being employed. Iv been reading about this too and some estimates is obamacare costs 6-7 million more jobs as its implemented I tend to think that too is a rosy scenario.
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