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All your info was helpful, thanks. If I lose a few customers, so be it. I don't have a family or kids to take care of, personal bills to pay beyond business expenses, and don't want to work too hard. My family can afford my education and I will and always have worked to supplement for college and for play money. Part of me feels accomplished in being independent and making money, so I enjoy the work. I only plan to work 6 hours a day M-T as a target and get free radio advertising from my familie's network of stations, so getting customers shouldn't be too hard. I haven't advertised yet and have a few customers lined up and they are all bid to come out to around $50 an hour, so my rates are healthy. Again, I will become a senior at the end of next summer so I will be able to do cleanups if I choose come next fall. If I do opt to do them the first year, would a bagger on my Simplicity zero turn be effective? Also, it's like a 2004 and I can't seem to find a bagger anywhere. Would a Peco pro 2 or 3 for a ferris mower work, seeing as they're almost identical?
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