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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
If you have declining physical or mental health financial planning will not make you better. My phylosophy is why stash money away for a day that may never come? I will work until my body won't let me, hopefully I don't die on a mower as I don't think my customers would appreciate that very much. As for being financially well off to "not retire" but find another job, what does that mean? I love what I do, so I'll agree that being stable with finances is one thing, I will never stop working and this will be something I pass one to my kids like my father did for me. No matter what they choose to pursue in life.
The point is that having a financial plan and saving regularly will make life easier for your LOVED ONES in the case of declining health or death. It's about loving your family enough to make arrangements to the best of your ability to provide for them should something happen to you.

There have been over 400 views and only a few replies. What are the rest of you lurkers doing for your financial future?
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