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^ anywhere from $215-250 right now. That's spread out over 7 or 8 payments though. I only have a couple full service right now but as I said I want at least 20 more full service clients by the end of May. At an avg price of $230 each, that's $4600/month. Less expenses I'd say $3000 net roughly. That's only maintenance work. On top of that Ill have several thousand per month in installs that vary from patios, retaining walls, complete reconstructions to small installs of mulch, edging, & shrubs. Right now at this point in my life where I'm going to graduate college in the spring and am saving for an enclosed trailer, (going to sell my walk behinds most likely, or one of them and keep the other as a back up) to buy a floating deck hydro wb & walker ghs for clean ups and then a dump truck w/ leaf box & then a leaf loader also as well as save for a house. It may be a high goal but I certainly think it is possible. I'm still running my numbers & developing my plan as we speak, im extremely busy with school & clean ups but ill be done with clean ups by Tuesday and I'll have some time to think about the what & how it'll be done. I do have a few decent sized installs lined up for spring. That amt would in maint income would work for my life right now with my bills & expenses. However I never will settle for what I have and where I'm at , I will always want my business to consistently grow. Btw, I am primarily a solo op as of right now. My goal is to have one person (most likely one of my younger brothers' friends) working for me full time next season.
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