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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
good luck with the new job, but I don't think most on here make anywhere near 19/hr mowing lawns even after everything you listed, probably closer 100/hr after everything you listed is deducted probably more then that. I for one gross over 100/hr mowing lawns, but i don't have full time mowing yet, but that's why i do so many other things, the landscaping side of things really helps keep me going when, while my lawns do pay a pretty good amount, i only have about 20 of them for now, I already got 3 new accounts for next year and i plan on booking several more over the winter so i can go into the spring with 40-50 lawns with an average of 50 a lawn, then whatever i get from april to june will be a bonus. and you can look in my picture thread and see my work is not perfect, but it is excellent, and my customers will agree.
So do you net 100 PH or gross 100 PH....? I'm a little confused. If you're grossing $100 PMH are there some tips to getting rates to that level?
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